Firefox 4′s best restartless add-ons

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, or in a tent outside the Googleplex with an “I LOVE SCHMIDT” banner, you hopefully know that Firefox 4 supports restartless add-ons, or in developerese: bootstrapped extensions.

Unfortunately, however, the process of converting an existing add-on into a restartless wonder is far from simple. A few months ago, back when the Firefox 4 beta machine really got into the swing of things, the developer of the world’s most popular add-on, Adblock Plus, described his laborious and infuriating attempt at making his add-on restartless — and today, just a few days away from the final Firefox beta, there still isn’t a single big-name restartless add-on to be found.

On the flip side, writing new restartless add-ons is a little easier. Uptake amongst developers still seems to be very slow, though. Add-ons for Firefox (AMO) only has about 80 add-ons tagged with ‘restartless‘, and even less with the restartless add-on’s SDK, ‘jetpack‘.

Then, of course, only a few of those add-ons are actually worth using! Read on for our pick of the best Firefox 4 restartless add-ons.

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