Teach Parents Tech by Google helps you educate your folks


Teach Parents Tech is a new website by Google, that lets you send your mom, dad, or other older relatives short videos showing basic computer skills.

The site itself is very friendly-looking; not just the part your mom and dad see, but also the interface used for selecting the videos you’d like to send them. It’s built like a form letter, with an opening that goes “I’m really shocked\impressed\worried\jazzed that you’ve started using your computer these days”. You can then select any number of videos to send from five different categories, including The Basics, Media, Finding Information, etc.

The videos each appear to be around the 40-second mark, with most starting off with a different Google nerd in front of the camera, so there’s a human touch. After a couple of seconds explaining what the video is going to show, it switches to screencast mode (which is as polished as can be expected from Google), and shows how to perform one simple operation.

Having looked at videos showing how to change your wallpaper on Windows, take a screenshot on a Mac and check your email on your Android phone, they all seem simple enough. An example has been embedded after the jump for your perusal, showing you just how easy it is to adjust the time on your clock on a Mac.

Quite a lovely resource – kudos, Google!

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